Don’t get Bear Stearnsed!

In’s article, "Finding a Job in Lean Times … Things to keep in mind when looking for work during an economic slowdown," is an interesting read. Particularly enlightening, I think, is this excerpt …

"Because of the Bear Stearns meltdown and fears that other financial services firms might cut back on staff, a flood of job hunters has poured into the market in recent weeks. But they are fighting for fewer available positions, with some finance executives deciding that now is not the time to leave a stable post to take a chance on a new one."

It might be a good time to sit tight, but to some degree staying might not be the decision of the executive. Something might be coming down the pike – a new CEO, an acquisition, a disgruntled board – and it might be someone else who decides it’s time for the executive to leave.

Now, today, is the time to become proactive in managing your career. Since the average time for finding that new position is currently around 7 months, it makes sense to begin planning your next move, ramping up your networking, and building a visible online presence … before you need to.

Recruiters’ most desired candidate is one that is currently employed. The moment the executive walks out the door … even with a nice severance package in hand … his marketability can take a big hit.

Don’t get Bear Stearnsed! Take control of your career while you hold all the power to do so.

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