Linked In and Zoom Info

In a recent article for ERE Daily, Lou Adler contrasted the differences in two recent searches his company conducted. While the article was interesting, what should be interesting to you is this ….

Of the seven candidates he presented, six were found on Linked In and Zoom Info.

Do you have a branded, visible presence where recruiters are looking for candidates?

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2 thoughts on “Linked In and Zoom Info”

  1. Cindy,
    When we start a search we use ZoomInfo to make the master list and then cross reference that with LinkedIn to see who wants to be found. In many cases we never need to go any further that the original list we generate through ZoomInfo. As i tell people who are looking for jobs, if you’re not in ZoomInfo you don’t exist.

  2. Thanks for your input, David. It is definitely an education process, especially for more senior-level folks. However, I am finding that more and more of them are beginning to embrace the concept of creating online visibility so they can be found by their target audience.


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