5 Headhunter Secrets

Are you aware that …

–85% of recruiters use online resources to uncover “information” about candidates

–35% of recruiters eliminate candidates based on what they find (Business Week June 2006)

— Blogs are becoming an executive accessory (Debbie Weil)

–6 degrees of separation is now 5 degrees (Columbia University)

–70% of recruiters said their opinion of candidates improves when the find evidence of community service, leadership, awards, and published articles. Opinions decrease when the find candidates own their own business, misstatements and inconsistencies, ethics issues, or are invisible

–76% of executives expect to be Googled; 8% said they found information they wished wasn’t available, 4% posted controversial (up 150% in last year)

–20% of executives have a web presence

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2 thoughts on “5 Headhunter Secrets”

  1. “Blogs are becoming an executive accessory (Debbie Weil)”
    That’s true only for the self-employed. Blogging takes a lot of time. It’s for the very few.
    I wrote a posting a couple of years ago called Recruiiting.gone in which I merely listed the recruiting blogs which had been abandoned.

  2. My belief is that blogs are an executive necessity for more than just the self-employed. They can be a great tool for a senior executive who is intent on creating distinction and visibility for himself.
    With the launch of Typepad Pages, it has become even easier for a search candidate to build a visible web presence as a long-term career management strategy.


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