A Recruiter’s Top Five Networking Strategies

In a recent ERE.net newsletter, Recruiter Mike Nale authored “Progressive Referral–Base Networking: five things to remember when building your contact list.” Read the full article if you want an inside look at what recruiters are doing to find top talent.

In a nutshell though, Nale advises levering a network by …

––following the latest trends. Notice the list where recruiters look for candidates … the majority are NOT job boards.

––creating a plan, and then working your plan. My advice would be to extend this to your career as well.

––branding yourself. Candidates are more alike than they are different … so what is your difference? It’s not “what” you do, it’s “how” you do it and the resulting impact.

––maintaining a global network. In our mobile world, never discount who might be able to assist you.

––exercising Giver’s Gain. You will reap what you sow.

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