––Compelling marketing documents that clearly illustrate your executive brand and market differentiation are critical to standing out in the crowd. I just returned from my annual industry conference where Peter Weddle was a speaker. He said, “candidates are more alike than different so small differences are very important.” Capture your value–oriented differences in your marketing documents.

––Create a well–balanced search strategy. Chances of finding a C–level position by playing the posted position game are slim to none. According to the 2007 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report, search firms find their candidates through networking (53%) and online research [NOT job boards] (20%).

––Leverage your business network to find “the” opportunities. I find most finance execs are so busy working in their jobs that they have not spent any time working on their careers. Companies run on a 3–5 year plan – so should your career, and part of that plan means having an ongoing business network where you can create visibility among those people who need to know about you. Networking is no longer about who you know – it is about who knows you.

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