We had an insightful telecall in the CFO–Career–Forum on Tuesday. Kathy Simmons, President and CEO of Netshare, offered strategies that can position candidates to never have to look for a job again! Her sage advice is a paradigm shift. Rather than letting others control your career, you get to be in the driver’s seat and decide where you are going next and how you are going to get there.

Along the same lines, I listened in on a recruiter telecall with Lou Adler a few days earlier. Of course, the perspective was the recruiter side of the desk, but something Lou said really resonated with me … and hopefully it will resonate with you … because it is key to eliminating “job search” from your future.

Lou was speaking about a company’s sourcing strategy – or rather lack thereof. His view is that a sourcing strategy should be tied to the business strategy (well of course it should). If that makes sense to you, then I offer the following. Your search strategy should be tied to your career management strategy.

Businesses operate on short–term and long–term strategic plans. So should your career. If you are so busy working in your job that you don’t have time to work on your career, you will forever be a job hunter because CFO longevity is less than 3 years.

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