There’s a BUZZ about BRANDING

I received back–to–back subscription emails last week that both talked about branding. The buzz about branding is definitely getting louder.

And it should be. In today’s competitive market place, winning market distinction is about understanding your unique and authentic brand … and leveraging that difference to win market differentiation. What is “different,” gets noticed. Commodity is the status quo.

ERE Daily suggested using a one word strategy. Think about the people with whom you interact and/or do business. What is the one word that comes immediately to mind when you think about him or her? That first impression is their brand … despite a tag line or brand statement to the contrary.

The same is true for you. While a 360–assessment is the best way to begin identifying your brand, you can try the one word test on others. Ask them to tell you the one word that first comes to mind when they hear your name. If 10 different people give you 10 different answers, you have a brand problem.

The Women for Hire newsletter talked about cybersabotage. That is when posts, comments, and responses made online in the heat of passion; or even unknowingly, carelessly, thoughtlessly, or recklessly; or perhaps in jest or in fun collide with Google.

Last year’s stats reflected that 63% of recruiters Googled a candidate’s name prior to talking with them. A Harris Poll showed that 23% of individuals Googled a colleague prior to meeting with them for the first time. With Google now a verb in our every day vocabulary, these numbers are climbing rapidly.

The challenge becomes creating a clear and compelling brand rather than an eclectic collection of things about you that sends a confusing, or even undesirable, message.

Be part of the buzz. Tell us what you know about your brand.

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3 thoughts on “There’s a BUZZ about BRANDING”

  1. Hi Cindy,
    Having worked, over the past year on extracting, expressing, and exuding my personal brand, as well as undertaking certification as a personal branding strategist, I couldn’t agree with you more: it is critical to understand one’s unique and authentic brand. Working, as I have with many mid-life managers and professionals, I am amazed at the extent to which people expect the rational qualifications they have to win them new positions and career success. In the new world of work, passion and authenticity are the differentiators; they create the emotional connection and make one stand out. Of course, along with creating a clear and compelling brand is the need to express and manage it online. Not always easy, but certainly worth the effort.

  2. Great insight, Walter, and congrats on achieving your Strategist Certification.
    A great comment was made at our industry conference last week by Peter Weddle. He said, “candidates are more alike than different, so small differences are very important.” Being clear on your brand is leveraging your difference.
    Thanks for your post!
    Cindy Kraft
    the CFO-Coach


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