I have been busy, busy launching the new CFO membership community. If you take a look at CFO–Career–Forum, you will see for yourself what has been consuming my time these days. Now that it is open for business, I’m back to blogging.

And I can’t not address the numerous articles I’ve come across in the past two weeks regarding CFO turnover. Here’s a snippet from one of those recent articles.

<< According to a survey by Right Management, 50% of CFOs who leave their companies do so because they have accepted another job offer, 23% claim they did not fit the company culture, 22% were unable to assimilate to the work environment and/or handle work stress, and 5% admitted they lacked current knowledge of Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

Furthermore, the average company tenure for a CFO of one to three years is 25%, three to five years is 27%, and six to ten years is 28%. It typically takes between three and five months to replace a departing CFO>>

These articles are timed perfectly with the launch of the CFO community because … the community is focused on teaching my senior finance executives career management strategies so they can learn how to proactively manage their careers and avoid job search mode in the future.

Which begs the question … what are you doing today to position yourself for your next opportunity?

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