In a recent article on Investors.com, Ben Steverman discusses the use of social networks as a hiring tool. The social networking trend is on the upswing, as noted in my previous articles, and Mr. Steverman concurs.

>>LinkedIn is a great source of information on the "passive job seeker," recruiters say. Job boards are good for finding "a candidate who has stepped more actively into the job market," said Eric Wheel of recruiting firm PrincetonOne. But Linked-In can help recruiters approach qualified workers before they’re on the market and "before everyone else becomes aware of their availability.">>

Building online visibility is a strategic career management tool. Even if you are not looking for a new position today, chances are you may be in the future. Creating that presence today means you are shifting the job search paradigm in order to leverage future opportunities.

<<Piskorski says online social networks can be more valuable than real-world social networks because they’re much more efficient. Rather than relying on your friends and colleagues to recommend or introduce you to someone, you can search through their connections online.>>

Since networking is still the #1 way to find that next opportunity, creating a public profile and building an online network is a quick and easy way to find contacts at your target companies. Because social networking sites are comprised of people who understand networking, they are usually willing and enthusiastic to share their knowledge and contacts.

What are you doing for your network today?

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