Don’t let the fact that it is December and the holiday season deter you from keeping your job search active and energized. Hiring does happen in December! In fact, this December could bring the very gift you most wanted.

According to the December 2006 The Career News newsletter, “71% of recruiters said they are confident or very confident the employment market will improve in the next three months” and the “executive search industry is expecting a 23% increase in the number of six–figure job assignments.”

So …

––continue networking. This is “the” most social time of the year and a great opportunity to make connections you can follow up with later.

––make sure your profile on the social networks and job aggregator sites is up–to–date  and value–oriented since recruiters are looking there (not the job boards) for passive candidates.

The word from my finance executives is that the market is hot, hot, hot! So have a cup of eggnog and then get back to work!

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