Sending you my warmest wishes this Christmas season for joy and happiness, with a 2007 that is filled with abundant blessings.

I’ve been busy finishing up a couple of articles for The Ladders and AFP and working hard to get my new CFO site launched right after the first of the year. This site will be for finance executives who are serious about employing long–term career management strategies to eliminate the stop–and–go job search process (gearing up whenever you need a job) in favor of an ongoing strategy that keeps you in the limelight for new opportunities. Watch for more information coming very soon!

In the meantime, there is a career management strategy you can employ immediately. Jump on over to Jason Alba’s JibberJobber blog to read about all the cool things he is doing to increase the value of his networking product. Then jump to his site to launch your ongoing network tracking strategy.

Networking can increase your chances of winning an interview by eight–fold over a strategy that primarily relies on job boards. The mentality of networking out of necessity (only when you need it) will eventually dry up your network and earn you the reputation as a networking user. Think of the potential that has to negatively impact your future career searches.

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