Booked Solid Interviews

I’m currently reading Michael Port’s “Book Yourself Solid” book and wanted to share this excerpt with you from Chapter 7, Core Self–Promotion Strategies.

“Do offer something of value when first meeting someone, whenever possible. Offer praise, compassion, or a connection. When you can say, ‘I know someone you’ve got to meet,’ or ‘There’s a great book I think may offer the solution to your problem,’ he is going to see you very differently from the person who shoved a business card in his face.”

So I am … highly recommending Michael’s book to you, the job seeker. While the target audience is, obviously, entrepreneurs, there is a wealth of great information for job seekers as well. Like Michael’s “who and do what statements” in place of boring elevator speeches, his list of Do’s and Don’ts at Networking Events, and his advice on identifying target markets.

And perhaps if Michael stumbles across this blog post, he’ll consider collaborating with me on a future book called “Booked Solid Interviews.”

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