Lou Adler offers this in his recent article, “Five Great Things You Can Do Today to Find More Great People Tomorrow

<<Try out the latest sourcing tools, but use them correctly. As most of you know I love ZoomInfo; I like LinkedIn; TheLadders.com is great; and Jobster, used properly, has significant upside potential…. If you’re not afraid to get on the phone and network, you can find A-level talent for any job in the U.S. within one or two degrees of separation, starting with the 30 million names in ZoomInfo. We just found a great CFO candidate for a Fortune 1000 company by writing a compelling job branded ad on TheLadders.com.>>

Can recruiters find you for their open positions? If you’re not in ZoomInfo, Linked In, Ecademy, and TheLadders.com, the answer is … probably not.

Creating a branded, visible online presence gives today’s top talent the competitive edge. 

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