Michael Kascsak got it all right in his blog “It’s Their Space,” and while he is speaking from a hiring perspective about the Baby Buster generation, there are important lessons here for Executives.

Becoming too complacent about years of experience and wisdom versus staying cutting edge in your industry and technology could be your undoing. It is not enough to compete on what you “do” – because that is precisely how most of your competition market themselves. You must attach value and strategic importance to your accomplishments in order to stand out and be noticed.

Michael includes a definition of what being an A–player entails. If you don’t have a copy of my article, “A–Players Are In Demand,” email me and I’ll be happy to send it your way.

Creating a visible online presence is critical as the rules of job hunting have changed drastically. Your branded message needs to be visible to the people who need to know about you. According to a recent Bullhorn Software Survey, 71% of recruiters use social networks to find candidates. If your profile is missing from Linked In and Ecademy, you are missing out on a critical career management tool. To be found, you must be visible.

Backing up my statements about the importance of social networks is another surprising statistic from the Bullhorn survey … 72% of recruiters find candidates by cold calling. If they don’t know about you, how will they call you?

While the youngsters might not be completely business savvy about the importance of their “branded” visible presence, they are way out in front of those who continue to resist change and refuse to embrace a whole new way of finding their next opportunity and managing their future careers.

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