A friend and colleague of mine, Doug Franklin, an Executive Recruiter with Epic Business Strategies, LLC, wrote an article about the benefits of using a “Personal Career Marketing Plan” in your job search. Here’s an excerpt:

<<Job seekers need to create a plan to “market” themselves to prospective employers.  Take the time to clearly think through your own Personal Career “Marketing” Plan and then work the plan to achieve your goals.

Start by thinking of your job search like you would if you were working for a company marketing a new product or service.  If you were creating a marketing plan for a new widget, what would the plan include?>>

If you would like a complete copy of the article, please shoot me an email at and put PCMP in the subject clause.

And if you are in the Tampa Bay, Florida area tonight (Monday, March 13) Kathy Simmons, CEO of Netshare will speak to the subject of managing your career just as you would manage your business. Join us by calling Tanya at 800-241-5642 to reserve your spot.

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