Understanding your brand is the foundation of an effective career management strategy and communication plan. If you are currently caught in the vicious and oh-so competitive job search cycle right now, long-term career management may not be your top priority. Regardless of your present situation, here’s why long-term career management is critical to your long-term success.

Experts are suggesting that 2006 will see a surge in “jumpmanship.” Those folks who have been sitting tight, enduring the worst of conditions and unreasonable expectations from their current employers, are beginning to seriously consider making a move. Expect the competition for top jobs by A-players to become even more fierce.

Understanding your brand … your unique promise of value to a prospective employer … leverages your strengths and thus, positions you as an A-player. Being an A-player though is only the first step. If no one knows about you, why would it matter?

Is the need for a long-term career management strategy becoming any clearer?

A recent survey by Korn Ferry cited 36% of its respondents indicating cultural fit is key in the hiring decision. If you don’t know what drives you, how will you know if you will be a fit?

Personal branding is not going away any time soon. In a job market that is destined to become even more competitive, it is quickly becoming the advantage marshaled by candidates who are, and will be, in high demand by employers.

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