A recent survey conducted by ExecuNet finds more that half of all executives are not satisfied with their current job, and many of these discouraged leaders are hoping to take advantage of growth in the job market to find a better opportunity.

According to the survey of 454 employed executives, 55% are not satisfied with their current job; and of those who are not satisfied, 68% plan to change jobs in the next six months.

The top five reasons why employed executives are looking to make a job change include:

  1. Increased Advancement Opportunity/Challenge (43%);
  2. Increased Compensation (17%);
  3. Better Corporate Culture (12%);
  4. Greater Job Security (11%); and
  5. Improved Lifestyle (10%).

An improved employment market has many employed executives weighing their options. If the economy continues to rebound at its current pace, companies will be forced to work harder at retention — or risk losing their best talent.

A separate ExecuNet survey of 258 executive recruiters reveals the search industry is expecting a 15% increase in the number of assignments received from corporate clients during the next six months.

(Reprinted from The Executive Insider, August 1, 2005. Copyright © 2005 ExecuNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

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