A quarterly report on job satisfaction and dissatisfaction in the first quarter of 2005 from the report Hands on Research, published by Career Builder.com predicts the following:

* Healthcare is one of the leaders in job satisfaction. An increase in satisfaction from 62% to 71%; dissatisfaction remained at 7%. The biggest improvement was worker’s perception of how well senior management is leading the organization.

* Retail industry, with high turnover, showed a slight 5% increase in job satisfaction, and a drop of 5% in job dissatisfaction. Major concerns continue to be low pay, lack of advancement, and workload.

* Hospitality job satisfaction dropped by 5% from 50%, and job dissatisfaction increased from 17% to 28%. Pay, work/life balance, and career development were the biggest reasons for dissatisfaction.

* Government job satisfaction dropped slightly each quarter by 5%. Two major factors were career advancement and feelings that executive leadership was not meeting expectations.

* Sales workers showed a light increase in job satisfaction from 40% to 45%. Job dissatisfaction increased to 25%, with major issues being workload, pay, and work/life balance.

* Information technology job satisfaction dropped from 55% to 51%. Discontent with career development dropped from 41% to 33%, pay from 41% to 36%, and work/life balance improved from 29% to 33%.

* Accounting/Finance showed an increase in job satisfaction at 58% from 48%. Accounting/Finance workers report a more manageable workload but have a higher dissatisfaction with pay, 51% up from 42%. More than one-third are looking for better training and career development programs to grow professionally, up from 29%.

Reprinted with permission from Career Masters Institute Ebridge #276

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