A number of you responded with questions on Personal Branding, so here is some additional information to help you understand the importance of unearthing and developing your unique promise of value.

While branding “used” to be associated with corporate entities, today it is a mechanism to distinguish you from the competition. Take a moment and think about Coke, Volvo, and Nike, for starters. When you hear or see those names, what comes to mind?

Let’s translate that to think about some people who have developed “personal” brands. What comes to mind when you hear Madonna? Peter Branson? Donald Trump? Good, bad, or indifferent – when you hear those names you have a clear picture of who they are, what they represent, and can immediately think of several adjectives to describe them.

Your personal brand works the same way. By identifying your unique attributes – values, passions, strengths, and skills; clarifying what it is about them that makes you unique; and then communicating that message in a clear and consistent manner will do for you what personal branding has done for Madonna, Branson, and Trump. Create name recognition and distinction from among your peers.

How would you like to be known?

Do you “really” know how you are perceived by others? Or do you really only know what people “believe” you want to hear about yourself? Often times we “think” people see us they way we see ourselves … but is it always the case? Do you think you are a sleek, maneuverable jaguar while others see you as a Ford van, taking up a lot of space but without much flexibility?

Perception is everything. Are you marketing an “image” or are you using your strengths to clearly convey your unique promise of value? Personal branding is about authentic perception.

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