Are you making time for the important things in your life – or are you consumed with work to the exclusion of other things you deeply care about? Do you intentionally create enough time daily or weekly for family, friends, self-care, play, and relaxation?

As you drag yourself home from the office every day – exhausted – do you recognize that something needs to give, but you don’t know what or how?

Balance. It’s that seemingly illusive thing in our lives that we can never quite grasp and hold on to. As soon as our fingertips touch the ring of balance, one area of our lives seems to take over and become all-consuming. Does that sound like a place you have been or are now?

One of the first steps is to identify where your life is most out of balance. Email me for a free copy of my balance wheel so you can begin today to grab hold of the balance ring.

Speaking of balance, I’m heading to my annual industry conference in Denver on the 12th. The weekly updates will resume when I’m back in my office on Monday the 18th when I will begin sharing all the latest and greatest career information with you.

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