On a scale of 1–5, with 5 being greatest, how would you rate yourself on integrity? What about when you are off the clock or when you believe no one is looking, then how would you rate yourself? Are you true to your values in every situation?

I have been thinking about this word for awhile and most recently, as my almost–college–grad daughter goes to her first overnight interview. I cautioned her about making smart choices “after” the formal session was over as I was sure that her prospective employer would be watching even more closely than during the formal sessions.

Integrity. According to Webster, it means “completeness, wholeness” and an “unimpaired condition.” But how many of us are really different people when we are putting on the face of the company versus when we are behind closed doors? Or when we want something versus when someone needs or wants our help?

Integrity. There is a cliché that defines integrity as, “What you do or how you act when you think no one is watching.” It’s easy to have integrity in a room full of people – we always want others to think the best of us. It’s much harder come from a place of integrity when we think it doesn’t matter.

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