A great article in a recent “Christian Counseling Today” magazine (2004 Vol. 12, No. 3) gave an overview about a book by Henry Cloud entitled “Nine Things You Simply Must Do, “if you want to succeed in love and life. I’ll list the first four below and follow up with the last five next week. If you can’t wait – get the book!

1. Dig it Up. Successful people realize that success comes from inside and works its way to the outside world. They dig up their dreams, passions, and motivations from deep in their hearts. You can always identify people who are passionate about what they do.

2. Pull the Tooth. Get rid of the negative energy in your life that is keeping you from being successful. It’s not easy, but it is necessary.

3. Play the Movie. Each day, every moment and every choice is part of a bigger picture. Choices are made based on reaching the bigger goal. If your long–term goals are not written down, they are simply dreams you wish would come true.

4. Do Something. Take responsibility, make a decision, and move forward. Be a change agent. Make things happen!

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