1. Ask permission to stay in touch! Once you’ve been contacted by a recruiter, ask them how often they would like you to check in with them and whether they prefer that contact by email or telephone.

2. Keep them updated! Send an updated resume to recruiters whenever you’ve made changes and include a brief email highlighting the changes. Most times recruiters won’t be able to place you immediately, but they will store your resume in their database and may contact you 6, 12, even 24 months later … so make sure they always have current contact information for you! Email instability is one of the primary challenges for recruiters being able to contact you.

3. Make it a partnership! Partnering with a recruiter is the best way to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. Give them what they need/ask for (yes, even salary requirements), so they can help you get what you want. Foster these relationships so you can stay informed of future opportunities when you are ready to move.

4. Sell, don’t tell! A well-prepared client with a good sense of the value he/she brings to the table significantly increases his chances of getting a job offer – (on average, 3 interviews versus 10 interviews to get an offer). Know your value and know how to articulate it.

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