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5 Reasons to Hire a Resume Writer

Last week one of my colleagues wrote an article opining that no one should ever hire a resume writer. Rather, candidates should all enroll in her *paid* class so she can teach them how to write their own resume. It … Continue reading

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3 Tips for Thinking More Strategically in a CFO Career Search

CFO.com just published an article entitled “How CFOs Can Take on Bigger Roles.” The title sounds like it could be addressing a CFO career climb. Since they didn’t … I will! The strategy behind taking on a bigger role is … Continue reading

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Dude … Sir … or, Name?

Does it matter what your employees call you … as long as they are calling you? Life in general seems to have become very casual, and that attitude has definitely transcended the workplace at many companies. Personal responsibility, respect for … Continue reading

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Linkedin Profiles & CFOs

Fast Company recently posted an informative article on what recruiters prefer to see in a Linkedin profile. It is good advice, and you can read it here. I thought I would add my two cents, aimed specifically at CFOs, to … Continue reading

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CFO Contingency Plan

Or, Redundancy-Proofing. Or, Career Survival Plan. Whatever the name, the result is the same … ensuring that in these tough, very competitive times you don’t find yourself on the street before you start looking for your next position. As the … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Etiquette

This very curious email came to me through a contact at MyCFONetwork, asking for my thoughts … In the past two days, I have been privy to listen to someone pitching a new business idea to a colleague and also … Continue reading

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Career Lessons Learned from Jack

In addition to being a crazed Gator fan (is it football season yet?), I’m also a Hallmark movie mush. Yes, I admit it.  And yesterday I caught up on a few of my DVR’d flicks, including “Jack’s Family Adventure.”  Jack … Continue reading

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What Salary Do You Want?

A media expert stirred up a bee’s nest with her post last week on answering the salary question. She lambasted both career coaches and job seekers who disagree with her straight-forward approach of job seekers blurting out their salary expectations … Continue reading

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What Are You Contributing to the Conversation?

Nothing? Noise? Value?  There’s a global conversation happening and you can either choose to be a part of it or refuse to engage. If the choice is to not participate, you do so at your own peril … because the … Continue reading

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A No Win Scenario

In yesterday’s coaching session, my client (we’ll call him Jim) told me that, before engaging my services, he received a phone call from a contingency recruiter in California. Jim didn’t know the recruiter, but was told by the recruiter that … Continue reading

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